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Meet Our Awesome Dance Instructors!


Dance instructors have the vital role of imparting the techniques and passion for dance to eager learners.

However, the instructors at Two Left Boots go above and beyond the traditional mold.


These talented professionals are not only experts in line dancing but have also honed their skills across multiple dance genres and styles.

Swing dance, two-step, and waltz are just a few of the additional styles these versatile educators bring to the table.


For couples embarking on their matrimonial journey, the instructors at Two Left Boots also specialize in wedding dance lessons (for couples, mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, as well as groomsmen and bridesmaids), ensuring that couples make unforgettable memories on their special day.


This wide array of expertise signifies that the instructors at Two Left Boots are not just limited to line dancing; they are multifaceted dance educators dedicated to sharing their love for dance in its myriad forms.


Whether you're looking to dive into the lively world of line dancing or explore other captivating dance genres, the skilled instructors at Two Left Boots are here to guide you every step of the way – literally.

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Hailey Peterson
Owner and Founder of TLB LLC

Two Step and Swing Instructor

Hailey founded Two Left Boots in January of 2020. She has had the opportunity to work and learn from wonderful instructors in both the Country Western and Latin dance communities. Hailey loves dance and works to incorporate different dance influence into her classes. She hopes this approach ensures that there is something new and fresh for everyone to learn. She feels very fortunate to get to share her love of dance with other people through Two Left Boots.

Lincoln Engelhard
Co-Founder of TLB LLC

Lead Swing Dance Instructor

Lincoln has been Country Swing Dancing consistently since 2016 and has been teaching since 2020. He is a Co-Founder of TwoLeftBoots LLC. He is a Colorado native and is also the lead singer for the local Colorado country band The Flat Iron Brothers. Lincoln loves to travel with his dancing and has taken dancing trips to several states including TX, CA, NC, SC, TN, GA, VA and MO.

Dan Johnson

Lead Two Step Instructor

Dan started dancing at the Grizzly Rose in 2005. He has developed his dancing skills over the years through lessons and self teaching. Dan has a strong focus in Progressive Two Step but also enjoys dancing East Coast Swing, Triple Step, Triple Two, Waltz and Salsa.

Rosalie Farrer

Line Dance Instructor

~Taking One Step at a Time~

Rosalie has lived in Colorado her entire life making her one of the few Colorado Natives. She has had a love of dancing her entire life and has

been teaching Line Dancing for over 30 years

(she started teaching as soon as she could walk ). 

She loves to stay active and has tireless energy to encourage others

to dance and have fun.

Always remember both on the dance floor and off that there are

"no mistakes, just journeys that we learn from"

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