Black Combat BootsNow, soldiers aren’t the only ones who wear black combat boots. They are becoming more and more visible in the fashion world. Whether you’re a punk, goth, grunge, or whatever you may be, donning a pair will really complete the whole look you are going for. And for those who love outdoor activities, nothing can replace the durability and comfort that these can bring.

There are things to consider when choosing. An important factor is of course, getting the right size. Boots are different from your sneakers and sometimes they could vary in size. This is very important when ordering online since you wouldn’t be able to actually put them on and see whether they fit you. For this reason, this article will give you some tips on how to get the proper size.

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Measure Your Feet

You might think it unnecessary to measure your feet. This is so important especially when you already know your shoe size. But keep in mind they vary. Just take these for example:

Old boots were actually much larger than the marked size. So if you had ones that are marked 9, in actuality you may have a bigger size, maybe a 10. When replacing old ones, it’s better if you measure your foot again, rather than use the size of your old ones, to determine your actual one.

You should also refrain from using your basketball shoe size. Many basketball shoes are marked about 1 to 2 sizes larger than they really are. And, the fit could vary from one manufacturer to another, and from style to style. So if you have basketball shoes that are US men’s 12, your feet could actually measure about 10 ½.

Women’s shoe sizing might not be accurate in all cases. Sometimes, you will find yourself to fit into a 5 ½, 6, 6 ½. In addition to that, some conversion charts show that when you convert a US men’s 7 to US women’s sizes, you get an 8, 8 ½ or 9. So you really can’t depend on your shoe size to give you an accurate measure.


Consider getting customized versions. If you are having trouble with pinning down the actual size of your foot, why don’t you consider visiting a manufacturer that does customized footwear?

These manufacturers can design to fit your specific measurements. Most of them do not even have an extra charge for custom fitting. And, if your left and right foot do not have the same size, then this could be the answer you’re looking for! You can have a custom pair that has different sizes for the right and left boot.

What size do you want?

This is not a very obvious question to answer. Most of us would like to have a pair a half-size or a whole-size larger. This can be used as allowance for heavy socks or multiple socks in the cold weather or for added comfort. You could also keep the extra space as an allowance for your growing feet.

Where can I look for a good pair?

Whatever you want, you’ll never go wrong with online shopping. This is because you have more choices and more options. And, there are even merchants that give you instructions and conversion tables so that you will be guided in getting the right size. Also, some charge no fee at all for shipping! And you get to see different styles and colors from various manufacturers with just a few simple clicks.

Getting the right ones can give you the added comfort and protection that you will need during outdoor activities. Also, it can let you experiment with individuality and personal style. Thus, if you’re to get the right black combat boots, make sure they are the right size!

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